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Updated 2017-03-21


We are proud and happy to share the article published in the Blade Magazine 2012 September issue. We cover pages 4 and 30-33. If you follow this link you will find the article in full. It is a .pdf so it is rather big. Blade September 2012 


We make "one of a kind knives" using different kind of materials and design. We use the best materials that we can find on the market, such as mammoth ivory and fossil walrus ivory.

We make business with people all over the world and we would be glad to assist you in the choice of a knife... We wish you a pleasant tour here and hope that you will find your way back here; do not forget to add us as one of your favorites.

If you are interested of a knife we have for sale on display, please contact us by sending us an e-mail on  

We also, now and then, take orders for new knives, but  we never do replicas of previous knives. We can make a similar looking knife where the blade, materials and design are a little look a like. 

Books and educational facilities

We have developed a training aid to help you make a sheath for a knife of Nordic style. Device is in the form of a compendium in Swedish.
The Swedish version is in printed form. It has black and white images, but the cover in color. It is a "step by step" i instruction with totaly 150 photos with explanatory text for each of them. This is a try to give and share our "tricks of the trade" to other knife makers the same way they once shared their know-how with us.
In French it is published in book form - Réaliser son étui. Symbol: ISBM: 978 2 7030 0310 6 reference   All images in the book is in full color printing.
It is also printed and published in a german version: Nordische Scheiden, ISBN 978-3-938711-45-3.
The book is also translated into Russian by Anatoly Fedosov. The book is published in 2011 in Russia. 


We are normaly attending  following annual shows:

Knife Week of Ludvika - Sweden

FICX Paris - France

Coutellia Thiers - France

Fete du Couteau, Nontron - France 

Messer Macher Messe, Solingen - Germany

Knife Expo, Pasadena, Los Angeles - U.S.A

Scandinavian Knifemakers Guild Annual Show - Helsinki Knife Show 


Show schedule 2017

  • Salon International Du Couteau Dàrt Et Tradition, Thiers, France

         2017, May 20 - 21     More info 

  • Knife Week in Ludvika, Sweden 

        2017, July 12 - 15

  • Forum International du Couteaux Contemporain FICX Paris

        Le Carreau du Temple,

       4 rue Eugène Spuller

       75003 Paris

          2017 September 16 - 17   More information 

Contact information

  • Email:

    Phone Claes:  +4672 70 14 142       +46727014142

    Phone Thomas: +46381 135 73,      +4670 69 77 405